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Company Vision and Strategy

Following the core values of our business that guides us to “offer tasty, quality products at reasonable prices,” we enhance customer value with differentiated quality and price.

Orion perpetuates our growth as a company trusted by customers based on ethical management that follows sound principles and high standards.

01 Second wave of growth as a global food enterprise

  • China
    • Rebuilding core competencies
    • Sales capabilities, product power, system, corporate culture
  • Vietnam
    • Market Tracing as a No.1 food company
    • Bakery, Rice Snack, beverage business, etc. accelerating expansion of business area
  • Russia
    • Stabilization of new plants
    • Increasing the product portfolio & the retail network (domestic / offshore)
  • India
    • Successful formation of the basis for growth thru aggressive sales campaigns
  • 02 Innovative transformation of ShowBox business

    Investment & distribution of films → Multi-content creation company

  • 03 Maintaining the same level of profitability year-on-year by company even during global inflation

    Operation of an emergency total cost management system

    Enhancing efficiency when purchasing raw & subsidiary materials and equipment

  • 04 Successful establishment of a system that propels new growth drivers

    Market O Nature: Strong external growth & expansion of the granola market

    Dr.You Jeju Yongamsoo: External growth & increased brand recognition (successful launch of immune water & other products)

    Bio Business Division: Pass clinical test and obtain approvals early for colorectal cancer diagnostic kit. Continue to discover and introduce new promising technologies.

  • 05 Pursuing Development of Ethnical management Culture

    Continuously pursuing eco-friendly and mutual growth management