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Orion Founder Yang-gu Lee

Seonam Yang-gu Lee, the founder of Orion, whose presence and aura only grows as time passes.

You are not just selling products but selling yourself.

What matters most to businessmen is integrity and credibility. Even if you lose everything, you can get back up as long as you have integrity and credibility. So you must never make poor decisions at the expense of integrity and credibility for immediate gain. Above all, you must never pursue business in self-interest. The most important thing in business is to make a positive impact and contribute to the society you are part of.

People and businesses must project sincerity.

I am proud of my role of fulfilling basic human needs —eating and sleeping—by engaging in food products and cement manufacturing businesses. Realizing this as my calling in life, I endeavor to be loyal and honest, leading a productive life that’s more fruitful than the past with firm resolve and principles. People are visitor who come and go from the world in the cycle of life. As such, we should leave a positive mark on the world while we can. The same goes for the business world. What’s essential is not the company’s existence, but the legacy it leaves behind. A word ‘Sincerity’ is a principle that guides my actions to this day.

Chairman Lee’s management philosophy
  • 01. Ability to harmonize with others

    Human beings have the ability to harmonize and integrate everything.

  • 02. Happiness & hope

    Our happiness & hope lies in peaceful cooperation with others.

  • 03. Cooperation

    We materialize happiness through cooperation.

  • 04. High values

    We set a higher form of value and forge ahead.

  • 05. Anti-consumerism

    We oppose a blind pursuit of self-interest & pure consumerism.

  • 06. Educational divide & poverty

    We eradicate the educational divide & poverty.

  • 07. Cooperation

    We pursue initiatives based on our core values & mutual cooperation with them.