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Since Orion was founded in 1956, we have led the Korean confectionery industry by launching numerous hit products such as Choco Pie, Pocha Chips, and Turtle Chips under the founding spirit of our motto, “when making food for people, it must come from the heart.” Building on our philosophy and tradition of integrity regarding food, Orion continues to innovate as we expand globally and catapult into a global provider of comprehensive food and healthcare offerings.

When competitors were focused on the domestic market in the 1990s, it conceived its vision to enter the Chinese market. Since then, it has successfully entered Vietnam and Russia, and established ourselves as a multinational company. Today, it operates 11 production sites in China, Russia, Vietnam, and India, and continue company-wide growth with offerings beloved by our consumers around the world with a strict localization strategy.

Orion pursues sustainable growth by carrying out ESG activities based on ethical management, which forms the foundation of our corporate management. It is transparently disclosing essential information such as introduction of an eco-friendly printing method, formation of TFT, facility enhancement and eco-friendly packing projects, and pioneering the national initiative for environmental management.