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Ethical Management System

Start of Ethical Management and History

The Orion Group announced our Ethical Management System as our key management measure in 2015. Since then, we have adopted management practices based on compliance and ethics to seek sustainable growth and fulfill our corporate social responsibility across the group.


  • Announced our commitment to ethical management practices
  • Introduced ethical management system
  • Began employee training on ethical management by job level


  • Overseas affiliated companies & subsidiaries adopted and promoted ethical management practices
  • Launched a dedicated organization for mutual prosperity with suppliers


  • Selected Ethical Practice Leaders by affiliated company who set out to work
  • Developed social contribution activities by affiliated company & location


  • Set up our global ethical management system (e.g. evaluation, monitoring, & system)
  • Obtained a top rating in the Mutual Prosperity Index
  • Conducted employee workshops on ethical management of the group


  • Established our Code of Ethics & Basic Ethics for Employees of the group
  • Won the Top-Performing Company award based on assessment on implementation of the terms of fair-trade contract


  • Reinforced eco-friendly management on a global scale
  • New corporations adopted ethical management


  • Orion & Orion Holdings earned an A-rating in the integrated ESG assessment
  • Set up the Integrated Control System for Reduction of Global Carbon Emissions
  • Launched a dedicated organization for environmental management & mutual prosperity with retailers


  • Set up an ESG Steering Committee
  • Obtained certificates (ISO14001) for environmental management systems
Ethical Management System

We have set up an organization responsible for promoting ethical management practices at all Orion-affiliated companies worldwide. In this way, we are creating an ethical corporate culture under a uniform ethical management system and carrying out ethical management activities tailored to different stakeholders.

Ethical Practices by Stakeholder Group
  • Employees
    EmployeesAppreciation for employees
  • Customers
    CustomersPursuit for customer satisfaction
  • Suppliers
    Mutual Prosperity
  • Shareholders
    ShareholdersIncreased shareholder value
  • Society
    SocietyEnvironmental Management
    Social contribution
  • Code of Ethics
  • Dissemination & communication
  • Our policy
Code of Ethics and Basic Ethics for Employees of the Group

Orion has enacted our Code of Ethics and Basic Ethics for Employees comprised of the purpose of ethical management and the ethical practices of the stakeholder group. All Orion executives and employees follow our ethical management activities when performing their duties based on them.