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Major Activities

  • Employee Workshops on Ethical Management and Planning 

    Starting in 2018, we have held an annual Group Ethical Management Workshop at the start of the year. Here, executives from all affiliated companies convene in one place, review the result of ethical management practices from the previous year, and develop next year’s plans.

  • Briefings and Meetings on Ethical Management

    As a part of our concerted efforts to promote ethical management and communication company-wide, and create a consensus among Orion employees, we hold company-wide briefings, executive town hall meetings, and onsite meetings regularly.

  • Identification, Dissemination, and Commendations for the Best Practices in Global Ethical Management

    We develop and implement ethical management plans in connection with our duties by Affiliated companies and organization. Then we identify and disseminate the best practices from these. At the end of the year, we select the Grand Prize winner and Ethical Leadership Award winners present the awards.

  • Selection and Operation of the Ethical Action Leader

    All Orion-affiliated companies select and operate ethical action leaders by team from key members of the team to promote ethical management practices onsite. Ethical action leaders plan and perform ethical management activities based on the company’s ethical management system and suggestions by employees. In this way, they strive to establish an ethical corporate culture.

  • Assessment and Monitoring on Ethical Management

    We gauge an ethical action index semiannually to check and complement the level of ethical management practices by Affiliated companies . We also conduct satisfactory surveys among employees, suppliers, and retailers every year to identify areas of improvement and reflect them in our future plans.