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Anti-Corruption Measures

Anti-Corruption Principles

We’ve instated our Basic Ethics for Employees and Guidelines for Ethical Decision-Making which sets out principles aimed at preventing and sanctioning corruption and malfeasance. We prohibit any form of bribery such as money and material gifts, entertainment, and any personal favors/ privileges for any reason. We conceived the Guidelines for Fair and Transparent Business Conduct to prevent potential conflicts of interest, so that employees carry out their duties by placing the company’s collective interests above self-interest.

Anti-Corruption and Ethical Management Training

In order to create consensus and promote anti-corruption and ethical management practices company-wide, we instated our ethical management system since 2015 and have provided relevant training.

  • Onboarding (new/ experienced employees)

    Training on anti-corruption principles & the code of ethics

  • Ethical Management training for whole company

    Training for preparing plan ethical dilemma such as Conflict of interest/ Fair trade/ Anti-corruption etc.

  • Leadership Training (Team Leaders & Heads of Sales Offices)

    Ethical leadership

  • Promoter Training

    Various anti-corruption cases