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Human Rights Management

Human Rights Management Policies

We duly strive to create a corporate culture free of workplace bullying, sexual discrimination, and sexual harassment by treating all employees fairly regardless of their nationality, race, gender, age, educational background, geographic origins, or disability.
We offer training on improving awareness on people with disabilities and prevention of workplace bullying and sexual harassment periodically. We also make efforts in earnest to hire candidates with disabilities, war veterans, and contributors of national merit.

Employee Grievance-Handling System
  • In accordance with the Act on Prohibition of Workplace Bullying, we rolled out the Workplace Bullying Reporting Center in 2019. The center investigates cases based on the report submitted, and we have developed procedures to ensure that measures are taken to protect victims and weed out bullies.(Number of cases reported in 2021 : 0 case)

  • We provide the Mind Care Service, a psychological support program for employees so they can enjoy a fulfilling and contented work life. It supports employees to resolve psychological issues at the root of the cause and perform their duties without distress or difficulties.(Number of uses in 2021 : 99 cases)