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Health & Safety

Health and Safety Policies

To provide a safe corporate culture and pleasant workplace environment for employees and achieve a zero-accident workplace.

01 Compliance Compliance with health and safety laws and seeking to realize higher goals
We ensure that employees freely carry out health and safety duties based on a law-abiding spirit. We prioritize health and safety-related measures and educate our employees on the measures to establish a culture that complies with the basic principles.

02 Inspection & Prevention Securing the safety of employees and suppliers by identifying potential risks and tackling them in advance
We inspect and eliminate potential risk factors in our workplace to provide a safe workplace. In this way, we make sure to protect lives and minimize property loss to ultimately maximize work efficiency.

03 Environment Improvement Creating an environment where we can always work in a safe and pleasant workplace
We always pursue our health and safety environment-enhancing activities to achieve a zero-accident workplace.

Orion Corporation
CEO Seung-Joon Lee

Major Health and Safety Activities

We strive in earnest to ensure a safe work environment for employees and comply with relevant laws.

Education/ training

To ensure the health and safety of our locations, we designate people in-charge, namely the health and safety manager, supervisor, and director, and provide education/ training. For general employees, we offer health and safety training stipulated by law. To increase employee awareness on safety, we launched a webpage dedicated to health and safety on our in-house web portal where we share management policies, regulations, guidelines, reports made, and best practices. Employees can also make health and safety-related suggestions on a forum for making their voices heard.

Inspection & improvement of health risks & hazard risks

To enhance employee’s health, we conduct comprehensive checks including work environment checks, investigation on risk factors against musculoskeletal disorders, and health checkups (general/ special before being dispatched). We also have a team of evaluators that include our staff who inspect workplace risks to identify and assess hazards and safety risks for improvements. In addition, we carry out weak point management activities to inspect our facilities and check the sanitary state of our cafeteria facilities. We identify risk factors by team and their duties, and have all our locations conduct self-inspections to create a safe and pleasant work environment.

Organizational activities including formation of a consultative body

We've set up a consultative body dedicated to health and safety management by location to hold Occupations Health and Safety Committee meetings and have our suppliers carry out preventive measures (i.e. joint inspections, consultative meeting, inspection tours). We also discuss essential health and safety-related issues with users, laborers, and suppliers to make improvements. Moreover, we provide technical guidance on safety management in collaboration with professional institutions to create a safer work environment.