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Talent Development

Key Employee Training Programs
Key Employee Training Programs
Category Target audience Details Schedule
Mandatory training All executives & employees Prevention of sexual harassment, workplace bullying & harassment, better awareness of people with disabilities, health & safety Year round, Nov.-Dec.
General knowledge training All executives & employees Language courses, market trends, business etiquette Mar.- Dec.
Onboarding program for new & experienced hires New & experienced hires Onboarding (understanding the company/ onsite training), OJT, mentoring Year round
Leadership training Team leaders, heads of sales offices, Incoming team leaders Leadership course for team leaders & head of sales offices, OT for incoming team leaders Year round
OBS(Orion MBA) Key talent in manager & senior manger levels Instilling a mindset of company-wide management & acquiring knowledge on business Jun.- Oct.
All job groups (promoters) Significance of being promoted, roles & responsibilities for different positions, competency training by position Mar.- Apr.
OJT People performing the duties Training by organization & duties, such as sales, production, research institutions, marketing, & support divisions Year round
(Understanding the work of related departments)
All executives & employees Understanding & learning about work of other departments & areas of collaboration Mar.- Nov.
Cyber Training Center All executives & employees General knowledge, job competency, foreign language, book clubs Year round
Employee Training Status
Employee Training Status
Category 2020 2021
No. of employees 1,549 1,409
Total training hours (H) 69,215 67,247
Training hours per person (H) 45 48
Total training cost (KRW 10,000) 40,300 39,500
Training cost per person (KRW 10,000) 26 28
Curriculum Satisfaction (Out of 5 points) 4.4 4.4