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Employee Satisfaction

We duly offer diverse programs that seek to support our employees to work in an efficient workplace that is comfortable to work in and increase their satisfaction on work.
  • Satisfaction surveys

    • We identify the satisfaction levels of employees in all corporations across the group (annually)
    • We collect opinions of our executives & employees and reflect them into the corporate policies & ethical management plans we design.
  • Employee benefits

    • We offer benefit points, run an employee mall, support educational/ training costs, medical & health checkup costs, congratulatory & bereavement allowances, meal costs, resort discounts, access to cafeterias free of charge, and discounts on Orion products.
  • Our system

    01 Work-life balance

    • Provision of family day, flexible work system, “PC-Off” policy, holidays in-between workdays, special holidays, substitute holidays, etc.

    02 Facilitating communication among executives

    • We hold town hall meetings where employees and the C-suite can freely communicate.
    • We also hold regular briefings on ethical management, performances, & the HR system and field meetings

    03 Rewards system

    • We reward employees who excel in embracing ethical management practices, provide compensation & holidays for long service, and rewards for developing ingenious new products & top-notch achievements.

    04 Maternity protection

    • We provide “Mom’s Rooms,” shortened work hours, maternity leave, & work-from-home setups for pregnant employees.