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Food Safety

Food Safety Principles

We are working hard to provide safe products at all stages including product development, manufacture, distribution, and sales according to the Orion Food Safety System.

  • R&D

    • Selecting safe raw materials;
    • Inspection of suppliers & supporting them to make improvement
    • Prevention of risk factors in advance
  • Production

    • Inspection of production locations (GQAS)
    • Earning food safety certificates
    • Assessment on risk factors in finished products
  • Distribution and Sales

    • Safety control of product distribution;
    • Collection of distributed products for inspections
    • Provision of accurate information
Food Safety Inspection

We are establishing a preliminary risk prevention system through a full-scale in-house food safety inspection system. The goal of the Global Quality Assurance System (GQSA) is to increase the safety of all production locations by checking and making improvements to our food safety status. We develop food safety auditors at all global locations with vast experience in the field and expertise to inspect the food safety of our entire factories. Every year, we identify areas of improvement based on inspections and increase our food safety levels by addressing those issues. The Quality Safety Team uses a food safety calendar in which we schedule the checking of different risk factors and securing of the safety of raw materials and Orion product distribution. In 2021, we’ve performed 1,403 analyses in microorganisms & physicochemicals.

Food Safety Certificate Status

Our factories in Korea and abroad strictly maintain food safety certificates that meet international standards.

Food Safety Certificate Status
Countries No. of factories Certificates
Korea 2 FSSC22000, HACCP
China 4 FSSC22000, HACCP
Vietnam 2 FSSC22000, HALAL
Russia 2 FSSC22000