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Win-Win Prosperity with Retailers

Building a Fair-Trade Culture

We have introduced a standard retail contract for the food and beverage industry as recommended by the FTC(Fair Trade Commission of Korea). We also sign and implement fair-trade contracts, and have established our basic principles for trade with retailers to create a transparent and fair-trade culture, which we have instilled into our company rules. Also, we have set up a Dispute Settlement Deliberation Committee to handle disputes quickly, and formed a dedicated organization to value and respect the rights and interests of retailers.

Dedicated organizations for handling retailer issues
Mutual Prosperity TF for retailers
Special Sales Dept.
CSR Team
Legal Affairs Team
Forming Horizontal Partnerships

We duly provide various communication channels to form horizontal partnership with retailers, and proactively employ online communication channels, namely our sales management system and mutual growth portal. In this vein, we listen to the voice of our retailers by conducting briefings, meetings, and surveys.

Support/ Fringe Benefit Policies
01 Financial Support The inclusive growth fund

We provide low interest rates so retailers can get secure loans at discounted rates compared to the market rate and sustain their business operations.

Financial Support
Fund size Interest rate discount Loan period Loan cap Eligibility
KRW 10 billion - 1.6% 1 year KRW 500 mil Retailers recommended by Orion
02 Sales expansion Promotion/ marketing event support

We help retailers formulate and share sales strategies to increase sales, and support them in running marketing events/ promotions and managing their facilities, trade accounts, and notes receivable.

03 Fringe benefits (perks) Diverse perks including holiday/ special occasion gifts, funeral items, uniforms, planners, & COVID-19 relief goods
복리후행 지원 명절 선물/상조 물품/유니폼/다이어리 등 다양한 혜택 제공
Items Details Major Support performance in 2021
Holiday gifts Holiday/ special occasion gift sets (twice a year) 2 times(New Year's Day /Korean Thanksgiving Day) : 18 million won
Funeral items Flowers & funeral products 8 cases
Uniforms & planners Provides uniforms (twice a year) and planners 2 times(Vest/Suit for spring or autumn) : 17 million won
COVID-19 relief goods Support for COVID-19 relief goods 3 times : 6 million won
Credit recovery Discount on credit recovery expenses (fees) 5 cases : 78 million won(Collection request)