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Shareholder Value Enhancement

Protection of Shareholder Rights and Fair Information Disclosure

We roll out and employ diverse systems geared to ensuring shareholders’ rights in accordance with standards specified in the Articles of association and laws. Stipulating that all shareholders are given one vote per share pursuant to Article 26 of the Articles of Incorporation, we provide cash dividends once a year to allocate and return shareholder value. To enhance an understanding of our shareholders and potential investors, we provide monthly provisional results before publishing our quarterly reports in the interest of fair disclosure.

  • Guaranteed voting rights of shareholders

    • Announcement on the convening notice for 4 weeks before the Annual Shareholders Meeting
    • Introduction of e-Voting, & recommendation on proxy votes
    • Exercise of proposal rights (shareholders who own 1% or higher accrued stocks)
  • Disclosure of the dividend policy

    • Disclosure of the dividend policy including dividend payout ratio & plans (on company webpage)
    • Financing dividends that account for 20%-60% of annual surplus cash flow (valid until 2021 fiscal year)
  • Increased communication with shareholders

    • Fair disclosure of interim performance by major country (monthly, quarterly)
    • Regular presentation of company performance for institutions & investors (monthly, quarterly)
    • Increase disclosures in English for foreign shareholders & investors