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Roles&Policy of BOD

Orion prepares to leaping forward with substantial growth.

Alongside our shareholders, we will create greater corporate value.

BOD Agenda (rights)
Inside directors
  • Convenes Annual Shareholders Meeting
  • Agenda to be submitted to Annual Shareholders Meeting
Management issues
  • Decision and changes in the basic corporate management measures
  • Establishment, operation & abolition of committees under the BOD
  • Decisions on new business
  • Conclusion & termination of important contracts
  • Acquisition & disposal of large-scale assets
  • Other management issues
Finances/ accounting issues
  • Issuance of new shares
  • Issuance of bonds
  • Acquisition, disposal, & incineration of treasury stock
  • Matters concerning major investment
  • Establishment, opening & closing of the internal accounting management system
  • Other finance & accounting issues
Director-related issues
  • Approval of transactions between directors & the company
  • Approval of directors' use of corporate opportunities
  • Approval of directors serving as executives of another company or competing business
  • Cancellation of grant of stock options
  • Filing of material lawsuit
  • Appointment of counselors or advisors
  • Matters concerning transfer agent
  • Other matters stipulated in laws or Articles of Incorporation
  • Matters delegated by the Annual Shareholders Meeting
  • Matters the CEO deems necessary