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Shareholder Meeting

Orion prepares to leaping forward with substantial growth.

Alongside our shareholders, we will create greater corporate value.

Voting System

Orion has not adopted a cumulative voting system nor a paper voting system.

We have decided to introduce our e-voting system starting with Annual Shareholders Meeting convened on Mar. 29, 2019 according to Article 368-4 of the Commercial Act and entrusted the Korea Securities Depository to manage and administer this system.

Orion shareholders can exercise their voting rights using the e-voting system.

Shareholders can verify their identity directly with the shareholder verification certificate to exercise their voting rights using the e-voting system.

The e-Voting System
Annual Shareholders Meeting Details
Details of Voting Rights Exercised at the Annual Shareholders Meeting

[ Unit: No. of shares, % ]

Details of Voting Rights Exercised at the Annual Shareholders Meeting
Total shares issued (outstanding) No. of voting shares No. of shareholders present Major shareholders(Orion Holdings Co., Ltd.) Other shareholders Attendance
39,536,132 39,528,789 33,675,396 14,775,139 18,900,257 85.1%
Results of Agenda

[ Unit: No. of shares, % ]

Agreement and Disagreement Status as per Annual Shareholders Meeting Agenda
Agenda Resolution types Purpose of item Based on attendance
For Against & Withdawals
Item 1 General Approval of the 5th financial statements 31,890,455 94.70% 1,784,941 5.30%
Item 2-1 General Designation of an inside director (Seung-joon Lee) 33,103,158 98.30% 572,238 1.70%
Item 2-2 General Designation of an outside director (Wook Lee) 31,776,253 94.36% 1,899,143 5.64%
Item 3 (*see note) General Designation of an Audit Committee member (Wook Lee) 16,272,693 93.82% 1,071,254 6.18%
Item 4 General Approval of remuneration limit of directors 30,375,626 90.20% 3,299,770 9.80%

(*See note) This reflects Article 542-12 (related parties & relevant voting rights is limited to 3% or less when appointing members of the Audit Committee) of the Commercial Act.

Minutes of Annual Shareholders Meeting
Annual Shareholders Meeting Minutes Items
Date of the Annual Shareholders Meeting Agenda Resolutions Notes
Regular GSM
(Mar. 24, 2022)
Item 1: Approval of the fifth financial statements (Jan. 1- Dec. 31, 2021) Approved.
Item 2: Appointment of a director Approved.
- Seung-joon Lee (inside director)
- Wook Lee (outside director)
Item 3: Appointment of a member of the Audit Committee Approved.
- Wook Lee (member of the Audit Committee)
Begins on Mar. 24, 2022
Item 5: Approval of remuneration limit of directors Approved.(KRW 50 mil)